work I'm not particularly proud to have done

Happy 4th Of July: Here Are 7 Ways That Malta And The US Are Alike

This was just a bit lazy. I was working on the 4th of July and saw that the marketing team had whipped up a paid lotto ad, with a title something like "7 Ways America And Malta Are Alike".

The advertorial's core premise was that both countries were alike because you can... play, but almost certainly not win the lottery?

I whipped this up and published it the same day. I wanted to call it "7 More Ways". My punkery was overruled.

Watch: Unlikely Dancer Busts Moves Amid Protestors During Major Valletta Demonstration

When I saw this video, I thought it was awesome. Frankly, I still do.

After it was published, the man's daughter called me in hysterics, and wanted the video to be taken down. I would have been happy to oblige, frankly, even if we didn't have a legal obligation to take it down.

Because the video was already getting views, though, I was overruled. The comforting advice I was given, to deal with a person crying on the phone was: "don't be empathetic". Cool, thanks.

Nate Had ‘Nothing To Do’ With Domestic Violence - Former Miss Universe Malta Clears The Record

I made this cover picture because a photo of the former-couple had been circulated, but the woman explicitly requested that the photo should not be used.

My editor pushed back, and said that people would be more angry about my having used a pregnancy photo of this woman instead. Which is ridiculous, frankly.

Also, I have written far more Love Island Malta content than I can even comfortably think about...

'They Are Members Of Your Own Family' - LGBTIQ+ Advocates React To Henry Galea's 'Disrespectful' Rant

The way that this initial story was handled made me uncomfortable, because the writer was just giving Galea's ignorance a bigger platform, and not contesting that ignorance at all. I think my follow up did better than the first article, but the damage had been done by sharing the clip - giving Galea more subs.

Overheard at the office:
“Is Sam Smith Non-Binary?”
“I don’t even think a person can be non-binary, but yes, he is, apparently.”

and a dishonourable mention

This one is a mess for several reasons, though there are a couple silver linings.

First off, though, no writer should be allowing themselves to appear on camera without any additional benefits for a job paying €9 per hour. I could probably have negotiated something higher, but I really shouldn't have had to.

Secondly, and more importantly, fuck Robert Abela, fuck the Youth Advisory Forumfuck the Labour Party, and fuck Malta's entire political establishment

This Youth Advisory Forum is nothing more than PR(opaganda). Apparently, without giving it much thought at all, and in exchange for €9, I was prepared to deliver that marketing.

Third, and more positively, I had fun filming this, and think I come off pretty funny lookin' on camera, and I'm a good communicator.

Fourth, and most positively, I didn't stick around long enough to make more bullshit like this.