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A Matter Of Time: Will The Mediterranean Become Too Hot For Tourism?

Malta is going to get worse, in so many ways, before it gets better. Whether that damage will be reparable or not depends on how much longer this all holds together.

I'm not proud of the part of me which would welcome a time when Malta is shocked because tourists stop visiting. I'm not proud of that because economic shocks cause pain.

I don't want to be the one to say that such pain is necessary to provoke meaningful action.

Exclusive: Parents Of Newborn With Life-Threatening Brain Blood Clot In Mater Dei Prepare To Save Their Child

This story was scary, and it really took its toll on me.

I didn't like how it was being prioritised because of the way that superficial details hit a lot of social pressure points.

I'm glad the story got told, though I don't know how much impact it had. But the ways in which it was told, the reasons for which it was told, they showed mean ugly side of news-media, a side which is excited by crisis.

Opinion: 'Sustainable' LNG Shipping Is A Lie - And Malta Is Cruising Towards Catastrophe

Cruising is so pointlessly destructive.

It is easy to criticise a pleasure you don't share, and I'm sure the tone of this piece shows how I feel. Still, I did a great job of foregrounding experts' perspectives, in support of that tone.

The piece also takes a side-swipe at the corrupting force of bipartisanship - examining the skew arising from both parties playing the same inherently flawed, extractive game.
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stories which made this list were:

  • sourced, researched and written by me
  • written under conditions lacking any ominously looming time pressure
  • often, researched and written on my own time n' my own dime
  • well written, or contained some piece of writing i enjoyed or found memorable
  • able to have real-world impact by connecting people in precarious positions to other people who could help
  • covering frequently overlooked problems or situations
  • actually expressing what i think - or close enough to it